Jim Rossol

Jim Rossol


Jim is an award winning fine art photographer having won 2nd Place, Judges Choice, in the 2010 Around the County photo contest. He received "Photography of Note" designation in the 2014 Peninsula Pulse Hal Prize competition. He won Third Place Photography competing against 73 photographers in the 2015 Peninsula Pulse Hal Prize competition and his photo "County Fair Flavor" was used as the full page cover photo in the August 7th, 2015 News and Events Section of the newspaper. In October, 2018, Rossol was juried in to The Peninsula School of Art's first ever juried student/member exhibition. His "Pennant Play" was one of only thirty one entries chosen out of over one hundred submissions to hang in the Guenzel Gallery. In addition Jim was honored as a third place award winner at the opening reception. He has frequently shown his work at The Peninsula School of Art, The Hardy Gallery, The Miller Art Museum, and The Cedarburg Art Museum for public exhibitions.

He has exhibited additionally at Glas Coffee, Blue Bistro, YMCA Northern Door, Cornerstone Pub, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Gallery, The Third Avenue Play House Lobby Gallery, The Door County Auditorium Link Gallery, The Greco Gallery, The Meadow Lane Gallery, and Thyme Cuisine.

Rossol retired early from a successful sales and marketing career and considers himself lucky to be able to now have the time to pursue one of his lifelong hobbies of photography in his once long time vacation destination as a full time resident of Door County, Wisconsin.

He began photography at a very early age sparked by a family trip to New York City. The lights, shadows, colors, shapes, and lines of the city hooked him on photography. He can remember his parents yelling at him to stop leaning out of the hotel window with his camera to take photos. He used slide film back then which in retrospect he feels sharpened his composition skills as there is no post processing in that medium. Joining the camera club in High School enabled Jim the use of a dark room which introduced him to developing, and making prints from film.

Jim obtained a B.S. Degree in Journalism and Communication from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana which he believes strengthened his discipline. Always trying to improve, he successfully completed numerous photography classes at the Peninsula School of Art, The Clearing Folk School, and Bjorklunden/Lawerence University and continues to enroll in classes that will elevate his craft to a higher level.

His published book: County Fair Flavor, a Photographic Essay can be previewed at http://www.blurb.com/b/4623686-county-fair-flavor.


Step Right This Way by Jim Rossol


Shadow Lines by Jim Rossol


One Stands Tall by Jim Rossol


Together by Jim Rossol


Cana View by Jim Rossol


The Lighthouse Keeper's Demise by Jim Rossol


The Lone Pine by Jim Rossol


Roadside Barns by Jim Rossol


End of an Era by Jim Rossol


Barn Side by Jim Rossol


Barnside Sun by Jim Rossol


Farm Yard Form by Jim Rossol


Blooms and Bees by Jim Rossol


Light Duty by Jim Rossol


Queen Anne's Way by Jim Rossol


Reaching Out by Jim Rossol


Sky Over Pergola by Jim Rossol


Sweet Dreams by Jim Rossol


Just Two by Jim Rossol


Cat Tail by Jim Rossol


Tassels by Jim Rossol


Pennant Play by Jim Rossol


The Winged Goddess by Jim Rossol


Colors....Coordinated by Jim Rossol


Sunrise At A Very Popular Beach by Jim Rossol


Take A Look Inside by Jim Rossol


The Gate Keeper by Jim Rossol


This Bud's For You by Jim Rossol


Stone Cipher by Jim Rossol


North Pier Perspective by Jim Rossol


Fogged in and Frozen at North Pier by Jim Rossol


Tropical Daydream by Jim Rossol


Beach Chair Perspective by Jim Rossol


Celebrating Swans by Jim Rossol


Free Form by Jim Rossol


Ridges Repose by Jim Rossol


Deep Inside The Forest by Jim Rossol


A Piece of the Past by Jim Rossol


Looking Back by Jim Rossol


County Fair Flavor by Jim Rossol


Abracadabra by Jim Rossol


Toft Soft by Jim Rossol


Pearls and Ribbons of Light by Jim Rossol


Palm radiance by Jim Rossol


the Cana Curve by Jim Rossol


Cana Seldom Seen by Jim Rossol


Boynton Chapel by Jim Rossol


Lake Effect Snow by Jim Rossol